A Rabbity Meal : Radish and Dandelion

This was my first time cooking Dandelion – something I’ve wanted to try for years.  My boyfriend wanted me to look up how to cook it but I had a feeling it would be similar to cooking leafy greens like kale; just a quick stir fry … and it was!

 So good.  I added a splash of apple cider vinegar as an afterthought.
Dandelion Greens
Apple cider vinegar

I will definitely be making this more in the coming warmer months!  (My boyfriend is trying to lose weight for the summer.)


One response to “A Rabbity Meal : Radish and Dandelion

  1. that looks yummy, Yvvy!!! I have been craving kale so much. I think I’m going to get kale and try dandelion leaves too.

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