“Edward Cullen” Vampire look with Christian Dior airflash foundation

I recently purchased Christian Dior Airflash Foundation in 300. I’m NC30 so I went with 300 but It is a tad bit dark on me. I have light complexion with yellow undertone. Anyhow, I saw my hubby’s eyebrows grown out of control and I just HAD to groom them for him.

While I was at it, I begged him if I could put makeup on him(he has the most beautiful eyes). After a long talk, I finally convinced him. Yes, he DOES NOT know I’m writing a blog using his photos haha.

So here’s the “Edward Cullen” look I created w/the air flash foundation.





Just with the foundation. CD air flash foundation covered blemishes and dark circles beautifully with about 1 1/2 spray without any concealers or illuminators.


I evened out his skin tone using CD air flash foundation. I used illuminator under his eyes and on the brow bones. shimmering powder was added to give the glow(I wanted the sparkle affect but he was opposed to putting it on), eye brow was groomed and filled in with darker tone. lip balm with tint was added. Lastly, I defined and sculpted his face using bronzer and blush.

I’ve done some color correcting and editing a little bit but I could not find where they are. I’m pretty new to mac computers. please forgive me. all of my photos are untouched. please bear with me I’ll improve the quality of my photos 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it!!!


2 responses to ““Edward Cullen” Vampire look with Christian Dior airflash foundation

  1. Wheres the glitter?

  2. I am not familiar with twilight … does he wear glitter?! around the eyes?

    – YVONNE

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