All things Click-Worthy

1. Eva Chen & Satchel bags

How cute and perfect is that screen shot, not to mention the whole video?  I can’t stop clicking over to her tumblr whenever I’m bored.   Also, she makes me want Miu Miu shoes – oh, not right away, but some time in the next five years or so.  

2. CAKIES blog 

Cannot stop ogling the outfit posts about her part home schooled daughter.  They make me want a fancy shmancy DSLR camera and a similar post series  entitled “Out to Grad-School”.  =P

3. Fun, Colorful Makeup

Everything about this video is good.  [via]

4.This Website :

Will make my eyes spin.  Yes in those black and white swirlies.

Hope I haven’t forgotten one …  if I have, it shall be posted at a later date!


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