The Face Shop’s Lovely ME:EX Cushion Blusher

(samples of face wash which look adorable and which I will probably forget ever to use!)

Another ‘in real life’ photo here.

It was hard getting this blush to show up correctly in a photo; it’s so light.  However, that is the way I like it (for now).  I have a tendency to overdo things so – no matter how many times I puff it onto my cheeks, it will not look overdone!

Random orange soap I got today that smells soo good.  My boyfriend loves citrus soaps so this is for the both of us.  It is from a company in Southern California called ‘Shugar Soapworks’.

Things I love about the Face Shop: the cute packaging.  This blush comes in a pink cardboard cylinder decorated with a cranky girl in apple headgear and little sketches of cute things all around the side.

Things I don’t love about the Face Shop:  They portray themselves as oh-so-natural, but … looking at the ingredients list for a good chunk of their products shows that they’re really not.  I see methylparaben everywhere.

(But don’t you just love how their products look like doll house toys?)


6 responses to “The Face Shop’s Lovely ME:EX Cushion Blusher

  1. I love faceshop!!! When I visited Korea last time(which was a few years ago) I stocked up on makeup and nail polishes. Their products are so inexpensive yet of great quality! I love your blush. Looks super cute!

    I’d love to try the citrus soaps you have there too! I love citrusy scents myself 🙂

  2. Thanks Helen! I also got the white mud nose pack (it’s a nose peel) at the recommendation of a friend on her blog. I like it a LOT. Have you tried that one? The skin around the nostrils have gotten noticeably smoother as a result of using it consistently. I love using peels hehe. I also tried out the diy peel with milk and gelatine powder and that one works really well too.

    The friend who recommended the white mud nose pack said that she had poor experiences with the Face Shop’s eye shadows though. She said they lacked pigmentation.

    Yeah I’ve been using the soap and it smells so. good.

  3. Oh no, parabens 😦 But the packaging is cute, and that blush looks good on you. I love that you overdo the blush, I think it ends up looking really cute & different.

    • thanks! I quickly googled methylparaben after I wrote this actually, just to see what all the negativity is about and found out (you prob. already know) that it’s used as a preservative and is correlated with breast cancer (though no causation?) … so it doesn’t seem S0 terrible, but I will still try to avoid it as much as I can. Thank you! I’ve been using it everyday on top of this NYX creme stick blush I ‘borrowed’ from my sister.

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