Helen’s “No rinse Shampoo” after trial.

I think that any person in this world gets lazy once in a while. Lazy enough to not shower, not wash hair for a day or two. Well…maybe that’s just me.

Anyways, days like that I use this thing called “No rinse” shampoo that my hubby bought off on Amazon.com a while ago. This is it.


This thing works like a charm. It’s in a liquid form. It has no smell and is clear almost like water but it isn’t. I put a towel on my shoulders and squirt out little by little and lather and voila! I get clean hair again within minutes without having to step into the shower AT ALL! I WIN!

Anywho, I thought somebody, somewhere out there find this helpful 🙂 Also, I felt bad for not posting up any blogs in a while. Lazy me. rawwwwrrrrr. Okay everyone, have a stupendous evening! XOXO



One response to “Helen’s “No rinse Shampoo” after trial.

  1. When I first saw this on your fb I thought it was in powder form. My sister ordered a “no wash shampoo” type thing online and it is basically like a special powder you rub into the hair and it soaks up excess oil. I should tell her about this… I don’t think I’m busy enough to use this type of product haha. My hair tends be dry so it’s okay for me to not wash it for like, 2 days.

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