Haul: Kiehl’s Face and Hair Products

Kiehl's Products for hair and face

I bought these yesterday at the 3rd Avenue location.

It has been raining every day in NY. Sometimes a mild drizzle, but more often than not – monsoon like downpours.  Also I am currently on a no-make up ban (more on that later), so I walked into the store really looking like I desperately needed these two products.  >.<

Both are highly reviewed so I felt confident getting them despite their ‘venturing into expensive territory’ pricing of $23 and $25.  Usually I like to spend no more than $10 … plus or minus a dollar or two.

So far I’ve used the hair conditioner once and yup, it is very good.  : )


I kept refusing the SA’s offers of free samples, thinking it would be similar to Sephora’s where they scoop some out from a jar and put it into that little plastic container … Very glad she slipped one into my bag at the last minute because it has it’s own normal packaging!  Nice!

click on the links below to see detailed ingredients and reviews :

in other news …

I’m done with my final, took nostalgic photos of campus, and have completed my 2nd B.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  If I round up juuust a smidgeon, I can say I have a cumulative gpa of 4.0!  I will be going to graduate school in Brooklyn.  Hopefully grad school will be a whole different animal as opposed to undergraduate courses on steroids.  Some of my professors have said it would be the former so … here’s to hopin’!


3 responses to “Haul: Kiehl’s Face and Hair Products

  1. the rare earth clay mask leaves very good results!! its actually like $34 in Australia, so the US is extremely cheap!

    • good to hear! =) I have a feeling I’m going to have a hard time limiting my use of it to once a week as the sales person told me … That’s too bad it’s considerably more $$ in Australia =/

  2. You got a very useful article. I have been the following reading for around an hour. I’m a newbie along with your success is quite much an inspiration for me.

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