Makeup Swap

Makeup Swap

( I liked the blue ribbon note! ) 

Yes, Helen and I had a exchange!  She was intrigued by my light pink Face Shop blush (posted HERE) and since I have easier access to the store than she, I offered to pick one up for her.  In return, she generously sent me two products to try – A shimmery pastel palette by Estee Lauder and a organic tinted moisturizer.  Comprehensive info for the tinted moisturizer can be found HERE.  I was delighted to find that it is 80% organic and free of parabens, color, and fragrance … among others!

estee lauder pure color eyeshadow palette

I am eager to try ‘Mint Ice’ and ‘Ginger Drop’

Back:100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15

Contains 1.5 Fl. oz. ( 44 ml. )

Front:Physician's Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer

with SPF 15

I can’t wait to try these out later in the day.  ^_^  Will follow up on that of course!

Thanks again Helen, this was fun!

If you would like to do a makeup swap with myself, Helen, or the both of us, just ask !

• • • E D I T • • • 

Here is what it looks like with the tinted moisturizer as base, followed by a pea sized amount of Skin 79 BB cream (hot pink container), with some concealer on top.  No blush yet –

tinted moisturizer

I took off my glasses so you can see the eyeshadow.  Lol, I was so eager to try each color right away that I fit four colors on there!  Ginger Drop & Mocha Cup on the bottom, then the green and blue on top.  I like that they are nice and light because I don’t know how to wear the dark colors.  Whenever I use black, it seems to weigh my eyes down.

tinted moisturizer plus blush

The above is with blush.  I used N.Y.C. New York Color – Blushable Creme Stick in “Berry New Yorker“.  I love the color; a coral-pink.  It’s easy to layer so you can go super light and sheer … or not.  😉


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