Lemon ginger honey tea- cold buster, natural Korean remedy


Season’s changing and it’s a good thing and a bad thing.

Good thing because the summer’s coming. Beautiful weather, hot/sunny days. Women are going to be wearing much shorter clothing( I mean good thing for guys I guess haha)

Anyhow, when season changes a lot of people get a cold/sore throat/runny nose, etc. and THAT is the bad thing about changing seasons.

I used to stock up on NyQuil but it only temporarily dormants my symptoms and I feel drowsy and groggy.

Sooooo, I decided to go with natural Korean remedy “Lemon ginger honey tea” that my mom used to make me.

I just drank a cup and boy, I’m sweating and hot. My throat feels better already.

I made this because my hubby was feeling under the weather and I was starting to.

You guys should try it out! I’ll post the recipe in a min!


One response to “Lemon ginger honey tea- cold buster, natural Korean remedy

  1. mmmm that looks sooooo goood. I recently got some new ~floral~ teas to try. I visited this Indian grocery store, and they had alll kinds of dried loose teas (not in the packets). So I got some dried rose bud tea and the ever popular camomile flower. The rose bud tea smelled so weird but tasted pretty light and good.

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