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DIY: Nose Peel

"diy nose peel ingredients"

– gelatin (flavored or unflavored)
– milk

I’ve tried this and like it, so even though there is a plethora of DIY posts/vids out there about this … I figured I would add my own voice to the overall positive hubbub.


I heated it up by combining the ingredients in a small metal bowl, putting that atop a frying pan, and turning the fire on low (if you have a microwave, use that for 10s).  It was ready in about a minute.  As soon as it is warm and of a syrupy-smooth consistency, start putting it on your nose, cheeks, chin, or forehead.  Let it dry completely, then slowly peel off.   

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The seed was first planted when I saw Michelle’s video.  Even though she is famous and trustworthy, the gelatin ingredient alarmed me.  It’s something I’ve rarely, if ever, used or consumed.  Isn’t that the main ingredient in Jello?  I don’t eat Jello aka weird artificially colored and flavored thing.   Plus, I do not own a microwave so, I forgot about that for a while.

… Fast forward to a month or so later when I have become an avid reader of Eva’s blog (whom I’ve shared here).  She makes it known that skincare is one of her obsessions.  Up till then my skincare routine consisted of face wash and moisturizer.  Her posts on the topic introduced me to a whole new vocabulary made up of crazy sounding words like, ‘Hydrasonic’, ‘Retinoid’, ‘Different masks for different parts of the face’.

So while googling pore peels/nose peels (part of the Important Exfoliation process), I came across so. many. people. all using this gelatin and milk method (and a few recommending Elmer’s Glue).   Their posts made me realize that 1) a microwave is not some magical heating device which alone can bring out the mystical properties of milk and gelatin – any method of warming up will do.  Aaand that was all it took to convince me to try it.

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Results for me :  visible results on the peel and smooth feeling skin.  I noticed that after using proper exfoliation such as this, I was able to use less BB cream afterwards.  The skin around my outer nostrils which always had a tendency to be bumpy became smooth – hooray!  I use this or a pre-made pore peel (see below) about 4 times a week.  Usually after I shower.

another alternative is –

The Face Shop’s White Mud Nose Pack *

If you are in a rush.  As simple as the DIY  is, it’s still easier to squeeze something out of a tube!   

white mud nose pack from the face shop

The Face Shop's white mud nose peel ingredients

My friend Kar Yi, blogger behind Angelic Betrayal has also posted a detailed product review of this here.