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Q&A: Makeup Remover

Yvonne: Hi Helen!  What makeup remover do you use when you have the whole shebang on?  I’m talkin’ bb cream/foundation, blush … I’ve currently been just washing my face, but I think I need to get a special makeup remover for the face.  

Yesterday I used a little bit more face makeup than usual, plus it’s been getting hotter and more humid in NY, so when I got home at night, I took a shower and washed my face *3 times* just to be safe – but upon examining my face after the shower, I could see more clogged pores than usual Yahhh!!!  I think it was due to the heavier makeup combined with hot weather … A friend recommended shisheido cleansing oil – what do you think?   

Helen: Hi Yvvy!  I recommend DHC olive oil cleansing oil if you have sensitive skin.  HOWEVER, since I’ve been lazy I’ve recently just been using origin’s perfect world white tea cleanser or l’oreal’s cleanser in addition to their makeup remover towels (you need at least 2-3 sheets to get all your makeup off).  Also, try using a primer before your BB cream.  That’ll form a protective barrier to prevent makeup from sinking into the pores.  Hope that helps!  ^.^  


Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, 2-in-1

This is what I bought from local CVS. The price was $11.95+tax but I had a coupon for $7 off and luckily I bought the last one with a bonus(clear serum). talk about bang for my buck. Anywho, It has a nice packaging. Looks clean and simple as you can see in the photo. Now let’s see what they look like without the cap.

As you can see in the photo, it has a very fine tip. It reminded me of Lancome’s art liner I used to use except for the price tag. It wrote beautifully on my hand. It dried quickly, didn’t budge/smudge and stayed on forever.

However, when I put it on over my makeup the next day it just crackled. I thought it was because I didn’t apply my primer. But I was wrong it crackled the next day and the day after AGAIN. It was weird because I read the review on this and it had a 4.5 from like 100 people. Can someone tell me why it crackled?

Anyways, so your guess is right. I stopped using the eyeliner. As for the serum, let’s take a look at the photo.

Same fine tip with clear serum. Mind you they say the black eyeliner also has the serum in it. They claim that after 4weeks, majority of women who used it saw results.

However, I used it for about 2-3weeks and saw no results. That reminds me that I also have used talika’s $40 eyelash serum for a full month and that did not really work either.

Overall, this wasn’t worth my money. I’m glad I had a $7 off coupon from CVS.

Review for 1000 hour eyelash & brow tinting

Ok, so I was researching one day about how to get gorgeous , natural lashes without having to apply mascara and brow powder onto my face everyday and voila! I came across this eyelash& brow tinting product.

I ordered this about a week ago and they shipped it from Australia. The shipping was pretty fast. The cost was $25 for this sucker. Was it worth it? well, darn. IF IT WORKED! but it didn’t.

I applied both on my eyelashes and on my eyebrows. Application for eyebrow tinting was easy but eyelash tinting was the tricky part. In the instruction, it says to just apply like a mascara but darn it does not go on like a mascara. it clumps or it doesn’t even go on my lashes. I used q-tips to apply and it worked better.

This is the whole set. Comes w/a skimpy wand, cream dye and the liquid. the packaging works as the mixing cup. It would do before/after photos if it worked but it’s not worth seeing since the result wasn’t any different than before.

So my overall opinion of this product is that this isn’t for asian people or people with darker hair. This might work on people with fine/blond or light hair. I ordered this and thought of that. So I emailed them a few hours after I ordered it and of course they don’t get back ’til it’s shipped. So I was stuck.

I tried it out and it didn’t work and I lost $25 and like half an hr of my time. Sucky! Wish this company was in the US so I can get a refund or an exchange for a eyelash perm. mehhhhh!!!

Lastly, this contains hydrogen peroxide. If you have sensitive skin, please stay away from this product. It felt fine on my eyebrows but it burned pretty badly when I had it on my eyelashes.

Helen’s “No rinse Shampoo” after trial.

I think that any person in this world gets lazy once in a while. Lazy enough to not shower, not wash hair for a day or two. Well…maybe that’s just me.

Anyways, days like that I use this thing called “No rinse” shampoo that my hubby bought off on a while ago. This is it.


This thing works like a charm. It’s in a liquid form. It has no smell and is clear almost like water but it isn’t. I put a towel on my shoulders and squirt out little by little and lather and voila! I get clean hair again within minutes without having to step into the shower AT ALL! I WIN!

Anywho, I thought somebody, somewhere out there find this helpful 🙂 Also, I felt bad for not posting up any blogs in a while. Lazy me. rawwwwrrrrr. Okay everyone, have a stupendous evening! XOXO


Freakish in a funny way


What do you think this freakish thing is?


I did a peel off facial mask and it peeled off so perfectly.

It looked sooo freakish yet funny. What do you guys think? Do you have any random pic like this? Lol

Acrylic nails alternative; UV gel nails. How and why Helen switched.

Have you ladies, guys, girls and anyone in between heard about “UV GEL NAILS”?
Most of you ladies out there who get their nails done regularly probably have.
I used to get acrylic nails done on me but I hated it for 2 main reasons.
  1. it smells like hell
  2. it hurts like hell when you have to take it off

Sooooo, I was looking for alternatives and came across “uv gel nails”. I switched and I switched FOREVER. I am not going back to acrylic nails ever again.

For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with it,

It’s like acrylic nails but even better

  • Because there’s barely any foul smell to deal with and it dries instantly when u cure in the uv lamp
  • they don’t chip or fade for at least 2-3 weeks
  • you only need to maintain it when ur nails grow out(fill in)
  • it basically has all the benefits of getting acrylic nails(strong, shiny/glossy nails) minus the bad part.

The thing about getting your nails done is though, it looks great but your wallet isn’t going to be too happy when you have to shell out $25-55 each session. I had mine done with acrylics and she topped it off with UV gel coat and asked $35 for it. She did not even do a good job.


I had to trim them when I got home because the edges were still sharp. they were also uneven. NOT PROFESSIONAL. I was pretty unhappy and never went back. I started doing my own acrylic nails like these


I like unusual, funky nails. The girl at the nail salon when asked if she knew how to do snake skin nails she said for $55, yes. I said use black and gold and she uses silver glitters and put dots on the black background. THAT IS NOT HOW IT’S DONE. I got it done in LA once and they used some netting to create the patterns and put the next color over and filed it down later to reveal the pattern. ughhh and she overcharged me too. I was NOT happy.

Anyways, for those reasons I hate going to the nails salons. All they seem to care is how to charge more, and i was sick of crappy services/imcompetent nail techs, especially in Monterey County Aread in California(where I used to live before I moved to Santa Cruz)

I started doing my own nails but this time not acrylics. I will be showing you how to do UV GEL NAILS in my next blog. See you soon!!!

“Edward Cullen” Vampire look with Christian Dior airflash foundation

I recently purchased Christian Dior Airflash Foundation in 300. I’m NC30 so I went with 300 but It is a tad bit dark on me. I have light complexion with yellow undertone. Anyhow, I saw my hubby’s eyebrows grown out of control and I just HAD to groom them for him.

While I was at it, I begged him if I could put makeup on him(he has the most beautiful eyes). After a long talk, I finally convinced him. Yes, he DOES NOT know I’m writing a blog using his photos haha.

So here’s the “Edward Cullen” look I created w/the air flash foundation.





Just with the foundation. CD air flash foundation covered blemishes and dark circles beautifully with about 1 1/2 spray without any concealers or illuminators.


I evened out his skin tone using CD air flash foundation. I used illuminator under his eyes and on the brow bones. shimmering powder was added to give the glow(I wanted the sparkle affect but he was opposed to putting it on), eye brow was groomed and filled in with darker tone. lip balm with tint was added. Lastly, I defined and sculpted his face using bronzer and blush.

I’ve done some color correcting and editing a little bit but I could not find where they are. I’m pretty new to mac computers. please forgive me. all of my photos are untouched. please bear with me I’ll improve the quality of my photos 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it!!!