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Makeup Swap

Makeup Swap

( I liked the blue ribbon note! ) 

Yes, Helen and I had a exchange!  She was intrigued by my light pink Face Shop blush (posted HERE) and since I have easier access to the store than she, I offered to pick one up for her.  In return, she generously sent me two products to try – A shimmery pastel palette by Estee Lauder and a organic tinted moisturizer.  Comprehensive info for the tinted moisturizer can be found HERE.  I was delighted to find that it is 80% organic and free of parabens, color, and fragrance … among others!

estee lauder pure color eyeshadow palette

I am eager to try ‘Mint Ice’ and ‘Ginger Drop’

Back:100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15

Contains 1.5 Fl. oz. ( 44 ml. )

Front:Physician's Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer

with SPF 15

I can’t wait to try these out later in the day.  ^_^  Will follow up on that of course!

Thanks again Helen, this was fun!

If you would like to do a makeup swap with myself, Helen, or the both of us, just ask !

• • • E D I T • • • 

Here is what it looks like with the tinted moisturizer as base, followed by a pea sized amount of Skin 79 BB cream (hot pink container), with some concealer on top.  No blush yet –

tinted moisturizer

I took off my glasses so you can see the eyeshadow.  Lol, I was so eager to try each color right away that I fit four colors on there!  Ginger Drop & Mocha Cup on the bottom, then the green and blue on top.  I like that they are nice and light because I don’t know how to wear the dark colors.  Whenever I use black, it seems to weigh my eyes down.

tinted moisturizer plus blush

The above is with blush.  I used N.Y.C. New York Color – Blushable Creme Stick in “Berry New Yorker“.  I love the color; a coral-pink.  It’s easy to layer so you can go super light and sheer … or not.  😉


L’oreal True Match super blendable concealer for light to medium skin with warm undertones

L'oreal True Match Concealer for light to medium skin with warm undertones

contains 0.17 fl. oz. (5.2 ml.)

L'oreal True Match Concealer for light to medium skin with warm undertones

CVS price – $11.95

L'oreal True Match Concealer for light to medium skin with warm undertones

L'oreal True Match Concealer in Warm for light to medium skin

L'oreal True Match Concealer in Warm for light to medium skin

Hello!  I am very excited to share my first ever concealer.  Prior, I had been using just BB cream and was frustrated that certain blemishes just would not get covered – even if I layered.  My skin idiosyncracy is that on my left cheek, I have had this small red dot for … as long as I can remember.  Quite annoying!  I knew I wanted to get a concealer and I knew I wanted it to be drugstore because I’d only be using it in limited quantities so who cares.  =P

I love that this comes in a small package.  Helen and I were complaining about how much it sucks that certain products come in such large quantities because well, we get bored easily.  We want to try new things!  And this way, each individual item can be cheaper!

I used this today on top of BB cream, then used the Lovely ME:EX cushion blusher from the Face Shop (in color, Bori).  Finished with a dusting of Makeup Forever HD powder.  The warm ochre tones of the concealer meshed well with the pale glow of the BB cream.  Combined with the light pink blusher (which I have posted about HERE), it resulted in a natural, healthy look that I really liked.

Now I have a question for you.  This might be personal preference, BUT recently, I read on a beauty editor’s blog that it is a big mistake to put on concealer first.  She really got on her soapbox and stated that concealer should be put on AFTER foundation.  What do you think/do?

This concealer is a bit darker than my BB cream (which I use as foundation) so I actually like to put it on top.  It creates a natural looking flush, like a tanned person’s face after jogging.  =P

PS – I should also add that this brand has many, many shades and to find your own, there is a clear pull out card by the display with little translucent squares of color.  You hold it over your wrist, and whichever one disappears/blends into your skin is the one you pick.  I like this method.  ^_^

Yvonne’s Makeup Stash

makeup stash

Helen had expressed interest in seeing this so here it is!  Since space is limited, I keep my modest collection in a tray on our dining room table, close to the full length mirror, which is where I get dressed and put on makeup, etc.

makeup stash

It’s mostly skincare, and that consists of various moisturizers, sunblocks, and masks.  I’ll just detail what the skincare products are and skip the sunblock and everything else.  If you’re curious about something just ask!

Skincare Products: 
Facewashes (not pictured) :
– LUSH Coalface soap
– St. Ives Green tea cleanser
– LUSH Ocean salt exfoliating scrub

Toner : 
– Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner

– Paula’s Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol
– NOURISH (Trader Joe’s) Oil Free Antioxidant Facial moisturizer
– ENRICH (Trader Joe’s) Moisturizing Face Lotion with SPF 15

Masques & Peels:
– A’kin Express Purifying Facial Masque with Kaolin clay and Activated Carbon
– Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque
– The Face Shop’s White mud nose pack

Ok, I want to see yours now!  =P

Q&A: Makeup Remover

Yvonne: Hi Helen!  What makeup remover do you use when you have the whole shebang on?  I’m talkin’ bb cream/foundation, blush … I’ve currently been just washing my face, but I think I need to get a special makeup remover for the face.  

Yesterday I used a little bit more face makeup than usual, plus it’s been getting hotter and more humid in NY, so when I got home at night, I took a shower and washed my face *3 times* just to be safe – but upon examining my face after the shower, I could see more clogged pores than usual Yahhh!!!  I think it was due to the heavier makeup combined with hot weather … A friend recommended shisheido cleansing oil – what do you think?   

Helen: Hi Yvvy!  I recommend DHC olive oil cleansing oil if you have sensitive skin.  HOWEVER, since I’ve been lazy I’ve recently just been using origin’s perfect world white tea cleanser or l’oreal’s cleanser in addition to their makeup remover towels (you need at least 2-3 sheets to get all your makeup off).  Also, try using a primer before your BB cream.  That’ll form a protective barrier to prevent makeup from sinking into the pores.  Hope that helps!  ^.^  

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, 2-in-1

This is what I bought from local CVS. The price was $11.95+tax but I had a coupon for $7 off and luckily I bought the last one with a bonus(clear serum). talk about bang for my buck. Anywho, It has a nice packaging. Looks clean and simple as you can see in the photo. Now let’s see what they look like without the cap.

As you can see in the photo, it has a very fine tip. It reminded me of Lancome’s art liner I used to use except for the price tag. It wrote beautifully on my hand. It dried quickly, didn’t budge/smudge and stayed on forever.

However, when I put it on over my makeup the next day it just crackled. I thought it was because I didn’t apply my primer. But I was wrong it crackled the next day and the day after AGAIN. It was weird because I read the review on this and it had a 4.5 from like 100 people. Can someone tell me why it crackled?

Anyways, so your guess is right. I stopped using the eyeliner. As for the serum, let’s take a look at the photo.

Same fine tip with clear serum. Mind you they say the black eyeliner also has the serum in it. They claim that after 4weeks, majority of women who used it saw results.

However, I used it for about 2-3weeks and saw no results. That reminds me that I also have used talika’s $40 eyelash serum for a full month and that did not really work either.

Overall, this wasn’t worth my money. I’m glad I had a $7 off coupon from CVS.

Review for 1000 hour eyelash & brow tinting

Ok, so I was researching one day about how to get gorgeous , natural lashes without having to apply mascara and brow powder onto my face everyday and voila! I came across this eyelash& brow tinting product.

I ordered this about a week ago and they shipped it from Australia. The shipping was pretty fast. The cost was $25 for this sucker. Was it worth it? well, darn. IF IT WORKED! but it didn’t.

I applied both on my eyelashes and on my eyebrows. Application for eyebrow tinting was easy but eyelash tinting was the tricky part. In the instruction, it says to just apply like a mascara but darn it does not go on like a mascara. it clumps or it doesn’t even go on my lashes. I used q-tips to apply and it worked better.

This is the whole set. Comes w/a skimpy wand, cream dye and the liquid. the packaging works as the mixing cup. It would do before/after photos if it worked but it’s not worth seeing since the result wasn’t any different than before.

So my overall opinion of this product is that this isn’t for asian people or people with darker hair. This might work on people with fine/blond or light hair. I ordered this and thought of that. So I emailed them a few hours after I ordered it and of course they don’t get back ’til it’s shipped. So I was stuck.

I tried it out and it didn’t work and I lost $25 and like half an hr of my time. Sucky! Wish this company was in the US so I can get a refund or an exchange for a eyelash perm. mehhhhh!!!

Lastly, this contains hydrogen peroxide. If you have sensitive skin, please stay away from this product. It felt fine on my eyebrows but it burned pretty badly when I had it on my eyelashes.

The Face Shop’s Lovely ME:EX Cushion Blusher

(samples of face wash which look adorable and which I will probably forget ever to use!)

Another ‘in real life’ photo here.

It was hard getting this blush to show up correctly in a photo; it’s so light.  However, that is the way I like it (for now).  I have a tendency to overdo things so – no matter how many times I puff it onto my cheeks, it will not look overdone!

Random orange soap I got today that smells soo good.  My boyfriend loves citrus soaps so this is for the both of us.  It is from a company in Southern California called ‘Shugar Soapworks’.

Things I love about the Face Shop: the cute packaging.  This blush comes in a pink cardboard cylinder decorated with a cranky girl in apple headgear and little sketches of cute things all around the side.

Things I don’t love about the Face Shop:  They portray themselves as oh-so-natural, but … looking at the ingredients list for a good chunk of their products shows that they’re really not.  I see methylparaben everywhere.

(But don’t you just love how their products look like doll house toys?)