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Dress & belt from Ace of Hearts     (the store now has a for rent sign)
[ side note: yes, it the same dress worn HERE . I haven’t yet been bold enough to wear it with the tights outside.  *sniff* ]


Cardi – Anthropologie
Dress – Strawberry
Belt – Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty (on Etsy)

Happy Friday!
biggest accomplishment today is completing the first draft of my personal statement.  I was stuck for the longest time on the last sentence of the last paragraph, and after staring at it day after day after day … I finally have something.

I realized – when there is something I really don’t want to do (like write a paper or edit my resume), if I clean my room; specifically, wipe the floor, it makes me feel ready to tackle it.  What helps you to be productive when you don’t feel like it?


Korea town outfit

Outfit details:
Hat - forever 21
windbreaker - thrifted, Beacon's closet
sweater - Anthropologie
Oxford shirt - Uniqlo
sequined Skirt - modcloth
tights - HUE
shoes - Etsy seller " Fox and Fawn "

I kept my makeup simple : a line of black liquid eye liner, followed by a streak of sparkly silver, and white eye liner at the inner corners. I also dotted some gold liquid eye liner by the outer corners (5 dots for each eye) but you can’t really see. For my lips I just used one of Sephora’s glossy lip glosses. And for the skin –  skin79 BB (Blemish Balm) cream which I am really enjoying.  =)  

Sorry it's so blurry. Sometimes that happens when the light is too bright.

This post is kind of in honor of Helen’s cultural background! My bf took off from work today & since I was also free from work/school we decided to head on over to Uniqlo to check out the new Undercover collection. Having seen that, we had lunch in Korea town …  where my meal came with a thoughtful piece of gum.